NPOS User Manual

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The all-in-one guide to learning the intricacies and workings of our NPOS system. Learn how to get the best out of NPOS with its wide range of functions and how NPOS can be a huge asset to your business.

NPOS Video Tutorial

Click the link below to see the video tutorial

Overview of Order Process Flow

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  1. Order Screen
    1. Placing an Order
    2. Add Remark to the Order
    3. Takeaway and Delivery
    4. Canceling an Order (Item)
    5. Reprint Order Chit
  2. Payment Screen
    1. Giving a Discount
    2. Split Bills
    3. Payment Setting
  3. Daily Routine
    1. Payment Information
    2. Daily Closing & Downloading the Sales Data
    3. Uncompleted Closing Pop-Up
    4. Cash Payout
  4. Menu Setting
    1. Category Setting
    2. Menu Modifiers
    3. Separate Name for Kitchen Printing
    4. Menu Icons
  5. Table Setting (For NPOS PRO)
    1. Table Layout Setting
    2. Table Management (Editing the details of the table)
    3. Create a New Table
  6. Detail Setting
    1. Printer/Order Sheet/Receipt Setting
    2. Payment Setting
    3. Adding New Payment Method
    4. Rounding Rule
    5. Service Charge / GST Setting
    6. Language Setting
    7. Permission Setting
  7. Promotion
    1. Happy Hour
    2. Discount

If you have any questions about using NPOS or are facing any problems apart from the above content, please reach out to us via a call or WhatsApp at
+65 8385 3574

Last updated on 22 Jun 2021.

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